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Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce


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Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Cuarta Potencia Chilli Sauce

Blind Walker

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Cuarta Potencia Chilli Sauce
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On Sale down from 11.99 to 6.99 get them while you can

This is a 150ML jar of our Gourmet Cuarta Potencia Chilli Sauce

Warning: This is dangerously hot

Get it now at this special introductory price

Gourmet Cuarta Potencia Chilli Sauce is dangerously hot.
It’s Not The End Of The World, It Just Feels Like It.
Made from Ghost peppers ( Naga Bhut Jolokia )  and other fine chillies with enough garlic to kill a swarm of vampires.
Starts with a sweet taste that erupts into flames for a long lasting burn.
If you can get past the heat you will notice the smokey fruity flavour of the Ghost pepper.
Just a small amount can add flavour to any dish.
This is an all natural sauce. No preservatives or  MSG have been added.
This is a Dangerously Hot sauce. Use with extreme care.
Our sauce is naturally thicken to bring it to the consistency of a paste, making it perfect for spreading on meat before  cooking.
The real question is do you dare to try and survive the heat. NOT for the faint hearted.  


get it own your hands ,
keep out of reach of children.

Milk is one of the only things that will reduce the burn.
If you get it own your hands do not touch your face or eyes.

Fantastic for stir-fries or any meats brush it on and feel the HEAT.

Please note:
we can not be responsible for breakage in the mail. There is no option to add insurance however , the option for registered will be used for insurance in case of breakage. The parcel will NOT be sent registered instead we will add on the difference in price to make it insured. So if you want your package insured against breakage and or loss please choose the registered option

WE sell these elsewhere as well so get them while you can


The best chilli sauce I have tried, absolutely delicious, some nicely intense heat and a lovely flavour to it. Really good with chicken, even put some on a spicy pizza to give it extra kick. Will be ordering some more for sure.
Bath UK , United Kingdom

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