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Chili Club Information

The Chili Club

What is it:

Well it is for people that want to enjoy Gourmet Chili Hot sauces and have them delivered right to their home. We will send you a new sauce every month. These vary in heat as well as flavours. Sometimes we only make a sauce once and after it is sold out, it is gone forever so don't miss out.

Chili Club is for Australia ONLY... International shipping rates are too expensive



Once a month we will ship you the Chili sauce for that month.



Only members will enjoy these benefits.

Limited supply of a chilli hot sauce means only the very few will get it. WE also have limits on how many people can be in the club. All batches of sauce are made with the Club in mind and so the average is only 30 to 50  bottles of sauce. If there is any extra it will be put in the store.

Monthly  membership price  includes shipping generally by courier or Australia Post.

Discount 15% for members on other sauces or other items we carry and includes discounts on shipping


only $19.95 a month and that includes all shipping costs. All by itself it is lower that our normal price of $10.99 to 14.99  a bottle plus $8.95 shipping

 Referral Program:

Talk to your friends and if they join up you can get further discounts as well as getting free bottles of sauce and swag.







All payments are handled through Paypal
Jose Montezuma
Please NOTE: All Prices are in AUD
Online ordering Now available for the USA and UK and Canada
International Orders to United States are available Contact us for more information
WE Send orders to The United States / Canada and United Kingdom all the time so inquire
International Shipping is expensive so we will quote you the final price including shipping and invoice through paypal

All prices in USD

Average shipping cost for 1 bottle is 13.11 USD

It is cheaper per bottle to send mutilpe bottles

Please note: any items marked as free shipping are free shipping Australia only