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Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce

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Shipping Information

WE ship by Courier or Aussie Post .

Custom orders take about a week to fill and send.

Regular stock items are shipped out next business day.

Bear in mind that stock is always limited but we will let you know what we have on hand.

Shipping is expensive that is why the price for shipping starts at 8.50 for jars of sauce

However it can get cheaper for jars if you order more that one.

There is a price reduction to reflect the actual cost of shipping

first jar 8.50

second jar 6.00

third jar 4.00

as well using coupons and being a member of the Chili Club will also reduce the price of shipping even further.


Jose Montezuma
International Orders to United States are available Contact us for more information

All prices in USD