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Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce


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WE strive to use the best and freshest quality ingredients in all of our sauces.
Made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.
There exists a perfect balance of flavour and heat sure to capture your attention.
Real fruit like mangos, pineapple and berries abound in a wide variety of our sauces.
Like the Mexicans say, "Heat without Flavour is a waste of time".
We think you will agree.

Jose Montezuma

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A Most Fantastic deal. You get a new sauce delivered to your home every month for less than the cost of buying one of our regularly priced sauces. Plus you get a 15% discount on anything else you purchase including reduction in shipping costs.

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A few Popular Choices
Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Zombie Fireball
Zombie Fireball
Qty :
Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Ghosted
Qty :
Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Magnut
Qty :
Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Extra Smokey Garlic Chipotle BBQ
Extra Smokey Garlic Chipotle BBQ
Qty :
Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Tomato Blast
Tomato Blast
Qty :
Chilli Powders
Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Ghosted Cajun
Ghosted Cajun
Qty :
Dry Rubs
Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Chipotle Dust
Chipotle Dust
Qty :
Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Oleoresin 2.5 million SHU
Oleoresin 2.5 million SHU
Qty :
Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Taco Mariachi
Taco Mariachi
Qty :
ReaperX jose montezuma
Jose Montezuma
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: this notice is being sent by the business trading as JOSE MONTEZUMAS and operator of the eBay shop at ‘’. This notice concerns our products for CHILLI infused COFFEE beans. Our business was knowingly selling its products using the words CHILLI COFFEE in order to represent we were affiliated with the official CHILLI COFFEE business, a successful Queensland business selling a similar product. In doing this we did a disservice to you our customers as well as the official CHILLI COFFEE team, which comprises of many hardworking Queensland innovators and university students who helped pioneer and refine their product, and whom have won multiple awards for their business and Queensland through this product. We apologise to you for our conduct and please know as a result, we are in breach of Australian Consumer Laws, meaning you are entitled to a full refund of all relevant products purchased from us or any distributors. The relevant products are only the chilli infused coffee products. To claim a refund please contact us at and provide a copy of your proof of purchase (receipt / packaging) and details of the account you would like your refund paid to. We will ensure not to repeat the same mistake and hope you will allow us to regain your trust in time. You can purchase the 3462-5182-4163v3 official, award winning CHILLI COFFEE products at:

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