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Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce


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Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Cherry Bomb

Cherry Head

Jose Montezuma Chilli Chili Sauces Hot Sauce Mascot Cherry Head
Cherry Bomb
Qty :

This is a 150ML Bottle of our Cherry Bomb   Chili Sauce

CherryBomb: Sweet Cherry flavour followed by and explosion of  fire.

This is an Explosion in your mouth plain and simple

This is Medium hot

Our sauce provides both heat and a fantastic flavour.
Made from  habanero chillies and Black Cherries  vinegar ,garlic  with a couple of extra spices.

This is an all natural sauce. No preservatives or  MSG have been added.
This is a Medium sauce. Use with extreme care.
Our sauce is naturally thicken to bring it to the rich consistency , making it perfect for spreading on meat before  cooking or adding to a sauce.

Fantastic for stir-fries or any meats brush it on and feel the HEAT.
For your wild side put some on some ice cream , it will blow your mind
get it own your hands ,
keep out of reach of children.

Milk is one of the only things that will reduce the burn.
If you get it own your hands do not touch your face or eyes.


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